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Lifestyle Medicine and Concierge Primary
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Feel Good

Welcome to your favorite appointment in Ocoee, FL, where you feel like you’re walking into a home, not a clinic. We provide individualized care to improve health by coaching a healthy lifestyle and improving overall well being, and not just treating diseases. Our patient-centered concierge care is designed with your individualized health needs in mind. Our focus is to build a strong physician-patient relationship that can achieve long lasting results and increased patient satisfaction. We look forward to helping you create the life that you’ve always wanted.

Are you dissatisfied with your current care and wellbeing?
At Prerna Health, we will offer you fully personalized attention and individualized care that will benefit your health and well-being, especially if you find yourself in any of the following situations:
I feel rushed at my doctor’s visit.
I am tired of taking multiple medications.
I suffer from weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
I suffer from inflammation or hormonal imbalances and feel that nothing is working for me.
I am always told to eat healthy and start exercising, but not sure how to do that.
I am tired of seeing multiple doctors, but not being able to find answers.
We Can Help!
Dr. Mrunal Patil is here to help you on your journey to health. You will enjoy our complete focus on your needs, personalized concierge care, holistic approach, honest and transparent communication, and more one-on-one time with our physician.

Your Body is Your Best Investment

At Prerna Health, we empower you to make lifestyle changes which result in sustainable improvement in your health. We will work with you to create a customized wellness program designed around your needs, goals and preferences.
Concierge Primary Care

Concierge Primary Care

Our Concierge Primary Care Membership guarantees individualized attention with more one-on-one time with the doctor. You will always be seen by the doctor and not physician extenders. You will have direct access to the doctor at all times, and at your appointments, you will enjoy minimum-to-no wait time to see the physician. Telehealth options are also available.
Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

We take a step further by creating customized wellness programs so you can reach your ultimate health goals. Dr. Patil brings to our community a place where you can learn and practice lifestyle changes under one-on-one coaching by the doctor. You can be heard, understood, encouraged to think beyond medications and focus on treating the root cause of the disease.
Nutrition, Detox and Supplements.

Detox and Supplements

Our programs are designed to detox, reduce inflammation, heal the gut, improve metabolism, boost fitness at a cellular level, optimize hormones, and improve body composition. This also comes with increased strength, vitality, confidence and improvement in your overall quality of life. Lifestyle changes also help you reduce the number of medications you take.

Your body deserves the best gift - the
gift of wellness.

- Dr. Mrunal Patil
Mrunal Patil, MD - Primary Care Physician in Orlando, Florida.

Mrunal Patil, MD Family Medicine Physician

Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine

Dr. Mrunal Patil is a licensed, board-certified Family Medicine physician. She completed Family Medicine residency training at Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Forbes regional Campus, Monroeville PA. She has pursued additional training with American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM). Her specialty is to treat, reverse, and prevent chronic disease through lifestyle change.

Patient Benefits

Holistic approach.
Holistic and integrative approach to improve lifestyle and overall wellness.
Physician owned practice.
Physician-owned and managed primary care - not part of a corporate conglomerate.
Individualized care.
We provide fully individualized patient care, not a cookie cutter model.
Overall improvement of your health.
We focus on overall improvement of your health, not just writing medications.
Full personalized attention.
You get full, undivided attention and more one-on-one time with our doctor.
5 stars

“I am happy to choose Dr. Patil’s program because when I did, I chose myself. It has helped me immensely as I started noticing I slept better and even lost 7-8 lbs in my first month itself. My goals were to get healthier in every aspect: nutrition, fitness and also to boost my fertility. Within 8 weeks of starting the program, I was able to conceive!

I’m a doctor as well and I know what I should be doing but I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable and I didn’t want to take medications for weight loss. I wanted to do it naturally and with Dr. Patil and her team by my side, I’m positive I can reach my destination. This was the best investment I made in myself!” – Dr. Emily

5 stars

“In recent months, I have been going through a lot of uncomfortable symptoms where you feel weak and like you are about to die.

After visits to the ER and urgent care, I was losing hope but I was trying so hard to stay active.

When I met Dr Patil my hope was back.  She spent time listening to me. She guided me and helped me feel better. No words can explain it! Now I can be there for my family that means the world to me!” – Lina R.

5 stars

“I found myself in a place where I am 40 years old, stuck in my weight loss journey, and knowing little to nothing about my body and gut health. I am so happy that I found this program at a time when I am ready to put in the work and take control.

The best part of the program is that I am not doing it alone and I have someone invested in my progress as well. There are a lot of helpful resources and I lost 7.5 lbs. in the first week alone and 11 lbs. in the first 6 weeks. For me, this is worth it! I have tried every fad and quick fix before and nothing is going to stick like a full mindset change and health analysis like this program gives you.” – Michele K.